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Stafford Victory Gardens

Home page - About us

The Stafford Victory Gardens project was conceived by local citizens in an attempt to assist those who want to produce some of their own food., while having fun and getting fresh air, exercise and sunshine.

The MISSION is: To empower willing citizens to produce some of their food on nearby property.

"This Stafford County project is directed by a Steering Committee with the assistance of helpful volunteers. The project is open to all Stafford citizens through this website and the Cooperative Extension Service office located in the Rowser Building at 1739 Jefferson Davis Highway, 22555. Special assistance will be provided to those 60 years of age or older. The Stafford Victory Gardens Coordinator may be reached at 540-371-9235."

 Vegetable growing techniques can be viewed on the grounds of the Rowser Building during the March to October growing season. This includes raised frame plantings and methods. Visit it now. This is a great opportunity for kids to see how veggies are produced.  Time for planting spinach, radish, kale and lettuce is almost over but other varieties will be growing and blooming soon. 

NEW:  Join six million users to grow crops and animals on YOUR farm with a simple click on the mouse while using the FARMVILLE game on . Log on, signup and start to 'build' a farming operation - for free. See it grow. Kids love it but most users are in their 40s and 50s. Fun to farm!

Children are usually fascinated by soil, sprouting seed and growing plants so we plan to use this opportunity to encourage them to see the wonders of nature. Visit the 'Kids love it too' page and consider involving them in a learning experience where they can help grow food for home use or even a 'lemonade-vegetable stand.' Give them garden tools for a Birthday or other occasion.  Suggest such a gift for yourself.

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