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    Custom Tilling

 Some citizens have asked how they might have a garden plot plowed or tilled for planting.  In our activities of helping senior citizens we have been on the look out for owners of equipment which is capable of garden soil preparation. Some of the larger equipment is available for short distances but owners generally lack trailers to transport it long distances.

Individuals listed below are making their services available to property owners on a 'custom till' basis. Inclusion here by no means is endorsement by the Stafford Victory Garden Project and there is no affiliation with the custom tillers. This listing is simply for informational purposes and hopefully will benefit property owners desiring soil tillage. Equipment is also available from various rental companies.

John Guth                 H) 540-659-4961     C) 804-357-7663

Don Parsons             H) 540-658-0653

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