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Gardening with KIDS

Kids like to play in the dirt, get close to nature. watch things move or grow, and watch seeds sprout and leaves unfold. Involve them in the excitement of growing something. Something we can eat, share and enjoy. Add some flowers for color. And there is cool stuff like frogs and worms and ladybugs and crawly insects and ants. The world unfolds before them as they learn. One day, this knowledge may become critical to survival.  Don't miss the opportunity to train kids and to enjoy their fellowship.

A starter spot in the garden can be a child's own. Something like radishes matures in 28 days and will peak interest in other slower varieties. But pumpkins and watermelons take 'forever' to mature and use a world of space, so choose carefully.

Let the kids to share your excess vegetables with neighbors or even allow them to sell some of it for pennies. It rewards labor and is fun.

Additionally, think of involving children in food production activities using the website www.webkinz.com  where a virtual garden is maintained by the child/adult. Purchase of a webkinz toy will give you a login number for indoor fun. Upon entering the site, go to the 'store' where 'garden' options are available. Seed can be planted and must be watered and weeded to get points for care. Points are earned and then can be used to purchase other 'stuff' for your 'room.'

Check some of these sites for ideas. It is a great opportunity for grandparent-grandchild projects.



http://www.facebook.com/  an operate your own fun farm game site used by millions.

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