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Plan and Design

 Planning is time well spent. Don't start a trip without deciding on a destination. 

  • Some locations are preferable because of soil type, drainage, or sunlight exposure. 

  • Tall plants and climbing varieties should be planted on the north side of the plot so they will not shade the shorter growing plants.

  • Vine plants such as cucumbers, pole beans, and winter squash can be planted by a fence or a trellis to save space.

  • Closeness to your house and availability of irrigation water are important.

  • Quick maturing plants can be planted together and later replanted.

  • Plants needing more space can be planted at a more distant site.

Think of a small 'kitchen salad garden' with a larger one for big plants in a more spacious area.

The Better Homes and Gardens "New Garden Book" suggests that, "A space 25 by 50 feet will produce all the fresh vegetables a family of five can eat in one season."

Here are some websites for your use as you plan and design.





 Also check other links for 'How to".

 Ten mistakes many gardeners make. 

  1. Neglecting soil preparation.

Test and use soil conditioners

  1. Overplanting.

Design with size in mind and seasonal growth

  1. Flawed feeding.

Mulch-supplement not just fertilize

  1. Improper watering.

Veggies – 1.5 inches rain per week

5.  Wrong location.

Most need 6-8 hours of sun/day

6.  Improper pest control.

      Don’t kill good bugs but bad ones instead

7.  Faulty Maintenance.

      Don’t cultivate too deep- pull some weeds

  1. Over pruning.

Don’t cut more than 30% or top trees

  1. Botched planting.

Choose right depth and right root ball

  1. Failing to start over.

Remove diseased and unfit plants   

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