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Planting can be done with seed or with transplants grown form seed by you or by a supplier and available from a garden supply store.  Use of transplants is advisable for some tender varieties like tomatoes. eggplants and peppers so as to get them started earlier. Potatoes are not grown from seed but from seed pieces instead. White potatoes are started with 'seed pieces' cut from a whole potato having one or two eyes per planted piece. Sweet potatoes are best grown from sprouts or 'slips' purchased by the bundle from a supplier. Potatoes from the grocery store have been treated to prevent sprouts and cannot be used to establish new plants.

Onions are planted with 'sets' from garden suppliers but most other common vegetables can be started from seed. See some of the websites to determine how many seeds you need for your desired length of row.

Weed seeds are naturally in the soil and will sprout under the same desirable conditions as the vegetable varieties. Weeds must be removed in order to have desirable production. weeds can be removed by hand or with a hand tool.  Weeds growing among larger plants can be controlled by covering them with a hoe when small or by pulling them by hand. A 'push cultivator' works well with a larger garden plot. Mulch is a great help in controlling weeds. Even newspapers laid between rows will assist in controlling undesirable plants.

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