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Prepare Site

Once you decide what veggies you want to grow along with site selection and a layout plan for the desired varieties, the site may be tilled or plowed in preparation for seeding. Early plowing will kill grass and expose some insects to the elements. A soil test available through the Cooperative Extension Service office is recommended in order to determine the best lime and plant nutrient program. All plants must have nutrients, sunlight and water. Local soils tend to be acid (low pH) and often need adjustment with lime whether for vegetables, ornamentals, or turf.

VA Law requires that property owners contact Miss Utility before 'digging in the ground.'  Call Miss Utility at 1-800-552-7001 or simply by dialing 811. Do it before digging. A volunteer will help senior citizens.

Final soil preparation should be done at the proper planting time. Note from the websites and literature available from the Cooperative Extension Service office that some veggies can be planted before the projected last frost date (May 1) but that others are to be planted after that date. The susceptible plants such as peppers, tomatoes and some others can be started indoors in flats or purchased later at local garden supply stores.

Here are some websites for your use as you prepare to start. Senior citizens may wish to call the Coordinator at 540-371-9235 for help.



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